Council Members

Craig Everett, Mayor 

Kamarose Wildman, Council Member

Mike Bechstein, Council Member

Andrew Gross, Council Member

Briant Lee, Council Member

Tara Morlock, Council Member

Daniel Ziegler, Council Member

Joe StClair, Village Administrator                             419.288.3075

Melissa Repasz, Village Fiscal Officer                      419.288.3075

Rosemary Patten, Tax Commissioner                     419.288.2288

Matt Herrig, Police Chief                                           419.288.2777

John Houtz, Fire Chief                                                419.288.2243

Council Meetings - First and Third Wednesdays at 7:00pm


Park Board Meetings - Third Wednesday of the odd numbered months - 6:30pm

April 1, 2020 Council Meeting Zoom info:


Meeting ID: 307 461 319

Phone #s: 16465588656, 307461319# or

                    13126266799, 307461319# 

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Village Of Wayne

125 Schoolhouse St, POB 39, Wayne, OH 43466, US

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